MPavilion 2017

'Hypnapod' installation for MPavilion, Melbourne, commissioned by Naomi Milgraim Foundation, featuring architect Bijoy Jain's bamboo pavilion.

Photographer Alex Cuffe and Michelle Boyde

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MPavilion 2017

Suspended cardiophonic snooze pods, installed at MPavilion, Melbourne Australia 8-14th Feb, 2017

Commissioned by MPavilion through the Naomi Milgrom Foundation.  

Naomi Milgrim (AO) was Australia’s commissioner of the 2017 Venice Biennale.

Artists and designers: David Patman, Matt Warren, Richie Cyngler and MIchelle Boyde in collaboratioin with Dr Jenny Underwood (RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles).

Invigilator: Anand Kumar

A week-long installation at MPavilion, designed by Bijoy Jain under commission by Naomi Milgrim Foundation, Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne, Australia.  Hypnapod at MPavilion offered the pod experience to a diverse audience of people, from small children, to mothers and fathers with babies in arms, as well as the elderly over 6 days as part of MPavilion's public summer program.   

The flexible design of the pods made them accessible to a range of body shapes and sizes. 

The pods provided  the additional advantage of being a perfect medium for  thoughtful viewing and reflection  on  the intricacies of Bijoy Jain's beautiful bamboo architecture.

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Hypnapod was also featured in MPavilion's annual M*Sync, curated by Jessie French and Jonnine Standish, and in collaboration with Unconscious Collective with special guest Gail Priest. We worked with contemporary dancers Benjamin Hancock and Niharika Senapati (Chunky Move) on a performance emerging from the pods to an improvised, slowed down set by LA's Tropic of Cancer, playing to their own heartbeats live using Hypnapod heart-sensing technology.

Hypnapod installation photos below:  Alex CuffeMichelle Boyde, Elleni Toumpas

Hypnapod host:  Anand Kumar