GovHack snooze Pod Experience


Thanks for your interest in trying out our snooze pod experience during GovHack 2015.

We are the Unconscious Collective art group, and this is the first phase of our testing for a project about social snoozing titled 'Hypnapod'. See more about the project here.

The snooze environment is located in the room at the back of the space behind a white door. Feel free to use the space at any time during GovHack. The environment contains two hanging pods, two floor pods, and an ambient soundscape, plus lighting and a scent.

You'll also notice a screen and some computer equipment - we'll be using this to test some simple heart monitoring technology at specific times.The first test will be at 5pm on Saturday - feel free to participate in this. Depending on how this goes, we may arrange another session for Sunday.

Tips for using the pods

  • Feel free to use the pods any time, either the hanging pods or those on the floor
  • We recommend a short power nap (no more than 20 minutes)
  • You might want to remove your shoes for maximum comfort
  • If you use a hanging pod, try to avoid violent swinging. They are meant to rock a little, but we don't want any injuries
  • Keep the door closed to fully immerse

If you do use the pods, we'd love it if you could complete the short survey below.

Thanks again ...

David, Michelle, Matt and Jason (The Unconscious Collective)

User Survey