We've devised 'Crowd Snooze' as a participatory art event with a difference that invites potential snoozers to simultaneously take a brief nap at a set time and date, preferably in public, and then record their experience on a blog.

It's a kind of Flash Mob for the sleep deprived


We’re interested in the idea of public snoozing, as an attempt to overcome exhaustion or lack of night-time sleep, and as a form of ‘peaceful protest’ against the pressures of longer working hours. 

Humans are are unusual among mammals in limiting their sleep to a single night-time block. We think that, with the rise of global communications, and changing hours of work, people should be able to catch a few zzz’s whenever, and wherever, they want.

Experiments by Hobson and Stickgold at Harvard University also show that a midday snooze reverses information overload, reduces burnout and has many other benefits for mood and creativity. Universities in the USA are providing students with ear plugs, 'sleep shades' and napping lessons to help combat sleep deficit.

Snooze it or Lose it.


Using social media, participants are given a specific time to down tools, pens, screens, wherever they are, to log on to a website, don headphones, and take a 5 minute nap. The website contains instructions and a somnolent soundtrack designed to encourage snoozing.

Participants can choose to snooze alone, or in groups of friends, family or colleagues.

Afterwards we ask them to fill out a couple of questions about the experience, with a photo, and post these online.

We hope to run CrowdSnooze events during the development phase of our Hypnapod project.


Tips for napping